One Atlantic Valuations

For commercial real estate appraisals and consulting services
that you can trust in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware,
look no further than One Atlantic Valuations.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

At OAV, we believe in clear, concise communication. Our delivered reports include specific, necessary data without any fluff. We work consistently to keep our reporting formats up to date, giving our clients the clearest possible picture of the properties being analyzed.

Market Analysis

With so many criteria impacting today’s real estate market, accurate analysis of real estate projects has become incredibly complex. To make the best real estate decisions possible, you need a company with experience in navigating the complexities of the industry; a valuation firm that can give you advice and assistance customized to your specific needs.

Additional Services

In addition to providing appraisal services, we also provide additional real estate services which include but not limited to market studies, site inspections/construction draw inspection, Discounted Cash Flows via Argus and Excel. If you have a unique real estate need, contact us.